Why is professional photography so important?

Have you ever been going through the family photo album and you found that picture of one of your loved ones from years past, and marveled at how they looked? You looked at the picture closely to see whether you have any features like that loved one, or you finally see what everyone has told you all your life — you look just like (insert name here)! That happened to me, and is really one of the reasons why I love photography so much. It has been said that this current generation of people will be the most photographed generation in history…..but with the fewest tangible memories (prints, photo albums, books, wall art, etc.) to prove it. Special moments with grandparents, baby’s first steps, a snaggle-tooth smile, all captured on your cellphone — until it dies before you got around to backing up those special images, or on a floppy disk (who even knows what those are anymore?) or CD (hand raised ….guilty), and your computer no longer uses this technology. Digital technology is changing so fast it is almost impossible to maintain, and your storage mode has failed. Unfortunately, most people never get around to printing their special memories to share with the family today and tomorrow.

How does a professional photographer help ensure that your special moments in time can last longer than a cellphone image (even though those are important too)? It begins with you. When you book time with a professional photographer, you are being intentional about documenting your memories. You are also showing your love of your family, and your love of history, your very personal history that you want to share with your family and friends, both now and in the future. The professional photographer honors that intent. Your professional photographer will help you make your memories last for a lifetime and beyond.

How Does This Work?

Portrait Sessions

Once you decide that you need photography services, we will set up a time to meet, preferably in person. When we meet, we’ll discuss what type of event you are planning, your vision for your photography session, and what end products you want. For portrait sessions, we will talk about the look and feel you want to achieve (inside a studio or outside on location), what it takes on your part (clothes, makeup, hair, great attitude, etc.) to ensure a great session, and what it takes on my part (timing, location, client preparation). We’ll discuss the number of people involved (it does matter), the length of the session, and the cost, and clarify it all in a contract signed by both parties. Session fees for portrait work are paid in advance of the session.

Special Event Photography

For event photography, we’ll discuss the date, time and location of the event, whether or not there is an event coordinator who can serve as the point person if you get busy, and whether there is an opportunity to view the location in person in advance or are there other pictures of the location. Coverage for event photography is usually paid by the hour in advance. In either case, we’ll review the particulars of the assignment, agree upon the details in the contract, and both parties sign the contract for the agreed upon terms. At that point, I will reserve the date on my calendar. Events are not booked until the contracts are signed and payment terms are agreed upon. You get the benefit of my experience and training, as well as amazing images for your home and your family. Should additional time be required to complete the event, a contract addendum can be completed on site.

How Do I Book a Session?

Getting the results of your session depends on the type of session you selected. At the conclusion of our session, we will confirm a follow up meeting to review your images and allow you to select your keepsake items for yourself and other family members. Portrait sessions usually can be viewed within 2-3 weeks in a follow up session. Special events may take slightly longer. We will also discuss our plan for delivery of your items to you, and most items can be shipped directly to you for your convenience.