Why Professional Photography?

Because photography makes your special moments, big or small, last for your lifetime and beyond. It adds color, texture and dimension to your story in a way that just words cannot always.

My Momma - HS Senior (Weems Jacksonville Photography Studio)

My Momma - HS Senior (Weems Jacksonville Photography Studio)

Special Memories

Have you ever been going through the family photo album and you found that picture of one of your loved ones from years past, and marveled at how they looked?

Or, did you wonder what your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members looked like? What physical traits did they pass down to you?

This fascinates me to this day.

Oh No, I Dropped My Phone!

It has been said that this current generation of people will be the most photographed generation in history…..but with the fewest tangible memories (prints, photo albums, books, wall art, etc.) to prove it.

Special moments with grandparents, baby’s first steps, a snaggle-tooth smile, all captured on your camera on your cellphone — until it dies before you got around to backing up those special images

Digital technology is changing so fast it is almost impossible to maintain, and your storage mode(s) have failed. Unfortunately, most people never get around to printing their special memories.


My grandmother


Photography That Tells YOUR Story

When you book time with a professional photographer, you are being intentional about preserving your memories. Photography tells your story.

History has shown us that printed photographs LAST!

Ensure that your special moments in time can last longer than a cellphone image (even though those are important too!)


My paternal grandmother