About D

My name is Denise, and I want to be your photographer.  

I love photography! I love freezing a special moment in time. I love holding a photograph from years past in my hands and imagining the circumstances of the person who is being photographed. I wonder if the person can remember what they were thinking and doing when the photo was taken. When I look at photos of myself when I was a child, I often can remember those moments in time. I was very fortunate in that my parents, aunts and uncles all valued photography and had lots of pictures of themselves and my siblings and I.

I asked for and received a Canon point-and-shoot camera from my parents for Christmas one year, and as "they" say -- the rest is history. My dad passed shortly after that, and I reflected often on the photos of him that I created with that camera... and realized the power of photos to capture and remember emotions, especially love.

I've been my family's unofficial photographer ever since. I've captured special moments for family and friends, as well as random moments of beauty that caught my eye. Memories of my college experiences, vacation moments, travel adventures, candid special family moments -- I've captured a little bit of it all with enthusiasm, humor, style, and most of all, love. 

I’d love to help you make a special moment in time last a lifetime for your family.